Mom Wanted Me Gay , Stepdad Wanted to Kill Me, Frog Poison as a Medicine

Mom Wanted Me Gay , Stepdad Wanted to Kill Me, Frog Poison as a Medicine

Mom Wanted Me Gay , Stepdad Wanted to Kill Me, Frog Poison as a Medicine

Episode 06

This is part 1 of my conversation with David Reese. People asked which podcast episode shook you the most ? THIS ONE

First of a two-part series with David Reese.  David Reese is the Founder & Creative Director of Planet Kambo; a UK-based alternative health & wellness service that uses the cathartic healing properties of frog neuropeptides to help people with trauma, PTSD & mental health problems.

David falls into the 1% of most severe type II C-PTSD cases. His struggles with daily violent seizures, addiction, suicidal depression & mental health problems have given him not only personal ‘skin in the game’ but also a driven sense of urgency, mission & higher purpose.

Check out my expose on this episode here:

Here is the short excerpt:

“This story also made me re-evaluate what I know about mental strength. In the situation where most would choose to end their life, someone chooses not only to live, but to flourish and to share their story with others, to give them strength – to me that’s the ultimate strength. 

Finally David’s story to me is the ultimate story of empowerment. He, coming from nothing, was able to travel the world, build his life, move to the amazing island of Bali, and use the hours he has to build businesses that allow him to be free. If that’s not a story for a Hollywood movie – I don’t know what is.

It is hard to put an end to this blog post, as it feels like I am closing a chapter,  but somehow I feel that this chapter is just being written…”

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