About Us

About Us

Hey Anatoly here,

You might be wondering what this podcast is about and how it came to be?

I was an entrepreneur for many years. I have started my first podcast, 10 Million Journey, under a tree in Latvia. The mission was to scale my business to 10 million and share my story. I am still on this journey, but also something shifted. When I came to Bali, I understood that life is so much more diverse than just chasing money – something inside of me was boiling.

I started inviting guests who talked about spirituality, played music, shared inspirational stories, and 10 Million Journey did not really work well for this kind of content. One day in my deep meditation, I was asking about my purpose and the words came to me – “You Need To Wake Up Souls”.

It sounded like Woo-Woo to me, but then I thought about my own journey – I worked in the office for a long time, with the only goal to get a promotion, get more money – and I did, but it was never fulfilling.

If at that time someone would have shared a podcast with me that showed me how diverse life is, I believe my journey would have gone in a different path – and that’s what I think my vision of Waking Up Souls is – to plant a small seed, that life is more than just an office, money, hustle – it is beautiful and diverse.

While I am waking up my own soul, I am interviewing inspiring people, one at a time, very personal – Soul to Soul.

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