Life Without Memory and Smell, Fast Bikes,Sex, Drugs and Incredible Music

Life Without Memory and Smell, Fast Bikes,Sex, Drugs and Incredible Music

Life Without Memory and Smell, Fast Bikes,Sex, Drugs and Incredible Music

Episode 05

What would you do if you completely lost your memory at 18 years old ? Today you have a chance to find this out…

My guest today is Dantay White.

I have seen Dantay White (a.k.a Rokko) in the recording studio for about a year before we properly spoke. Often, when I would be scrambling setting up a mic, or having issues with some new hardware, I would scream for help  and “poof” (imagine cloud of smoke) he would appear – a man in a flow, tall, well built, with a black manicure, face make-up and black outfit. His outfit often consists of either black tight pants with a black skirt on top of it, or some serious rockstar outfit that screamed : “don’t fuck with me”. An unborn child of Criss Angel and Amy Winehouse. A man of a mystery…

He would appear from nowhere, smile, do a small talk, quickly fix a problem,  I thank him and he would disappear into the darkness…


My first impression of Dantay was of a guy who you don’t want to introduce your parents to. A man who would seduce your daughter, sister, mother and father in some unimaginable family orgy, then smile and walk away. A guy that could mix Xanax, weed and vodka, ride a sports bike with no helmet all night and in the morning be in a gym lifting weights and look fresh like he just came out of a massage session. A guy who would smash your head with the hammer when your music does not sound right, but would scream of joy when he sees a small puppy.


I remember seeing Dantay writing music, he would be fully focused for an hour, then stand up, walk a couple of laps in the studio, then sit right back in with full attention on his work. His personality and the elegancy with which he moved through life intrigued me. There was something primal, something free about the guy.

I wanted to hear his story. I remember one particular day. I have finished interviewing my friend Rob and we were sitting down on the studio sofas chatting, when Rokko walked in. As always, completely focused, moving through the room with an elegance of a puma. If I had to use an analogy, I would say he reminded me of a river flowing through the mountain range in the midst of a hurricane. We talked for a bit, and somehow our conversation went into his childhood. I am always curious where people come from, over the years I heard many stories, but Rokko’s answer shocked me to the core.

Now I knew – I had to interview him!

Listen to the specific part

Accident Comma and Memory Loss
Acting School
Getting Kicked Out of School
Hanging with some VERY SHADY characters
How to be free
Dantay plays his new track

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