Empowering Women, Cacao as Medicine, Hosting Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Empowering Women, Cacao as Medicine, Hosting Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Empowering Women, Cacao as Medicine, Hosting Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Episode 08

Lynette Allen is coach, best selling author and amazing medicine woman. She facilities beautiful Cacao ceremony and supports women through sister circles.

Lynette journey to medicine starts in 2017 when she discovered plant medicine .

Here is an excerpt from her website (https://www.awomansblessing.com/) :

In 2017, plant medicine called and Lynette sat in her first ever ayahuasca ceremony.  Six weeks later, she was called to sit in ceremony again and over the following 2 years, mentored by Shaman Pitt, she became his assistant in ceremony – singing and drumming her way through journey after journey.  This was family work and together with her husband Mark, various shaman and their dedicated team, they saw almost 2,000 people through plant medicine ceremonies.  During that magnificent time she realised…she could no longer do her job for the feminine in the same way.

Lynette realised that along with writing, it was sister circles, women’s medicine retreats and plant medicine had her heart and that her work for the rise of the feminine needed to continue in this way.

She had been introduced to the power of intention, connection to spirit, ancient rituals and plant medicine – not only ayahuasca but also cacao and she saw for herself the incredible shift in the women she held in that space.

So she began her journey.  From coach to medicine woman.  And it was a journey, it brought her and her family to Bali where she currently lives in a tiny house in the jungle.   

She brings her feminine, her intuitive gifts, her connection to source, Ceremonial Cacao and her words into every part of her life now – teaching, guiding and holding space for the feminine to rise.

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Lessons from 20 years of coaching women
Tips on Meditation
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Facilitating Ayahuasca Ceremonies
First plant medicine ceremony
Cacao Ceremonies

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